Bubble football birthday party

The bubble football birthday party is one of the best birthday parties in Amsterdam. You are wrapped in a huge plastic bubble and compete with your friends. Who oh who will conquer during this crazy bubble football kids party?! You play in one of our three bubble football arenas. They are inflatable football fields with boarding and goals. This is of course much more fun than playing football in any old park.

With bubble football you are equipped with a safety belt, this means you are safely stuck in the bubble. This way you can collide firmly during the activity. The main goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible. However, more important is having fun. Afterwards take a breath while eating a bag of chips and unlimited lemonade / water.

Bubble football birthday party packages

We offer 3 different packages for the bubble soccer kids party. Birthday party HIP includes 1 activity. With unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. Birthday party HIP HIP consists of 1 activity. With unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. In addition, 1 extra activity or 30 minutes. Here you can choose from bubble football, archery tag, lasergame or archery . The birthday party HIP HIP HURRAY consists of 2 activities. With unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. All packages include 1 or more activities. Plus unlimited lemonade, a bag of chips, game leader and all materials. We always ensure that a table is ready for you. In good weather outside otherwise inside. You can bring your own cake. Also provide plates and forks yourself. Other consumptions you can buy at our place.

Choose 1 of our kids birthday parties

Bubble football birthday party


– 1 activity of 1 hour
– free unlimited lemonade
– free bag of chips

Bubble football birthday party


– 1 activity of 1 hour
– 1 activty of 0,5 hour
– free unlimited lemonade
– free bag of chips

Bubble football birthday party


– 2 activities of 1 hour
– free unlimited lemonade
– free bag of chips

Price of the bubble football birthday party

At our location in Amsterdam

  • Including guidance
  • From 6 children: €22.50 per child
  • From 7 years old
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Includes bag of chips & unlimited lemonade
  • Your own table / space for the party
  • Exclusive cake, you can bring your own. Other self-brought food and drinks are not allowed.

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Bubble football birthday party FAQ’s

Can I bring my own cake?

At the bubble soccer kids party, yes. Please bring your own plates, napkins, saucers and forks and take them home again.

Can I bring other drinks with me?

No, we sell drinks and chips. You can pre-order lunch or BBQ.

Are there fixed lap times?

Yes, all activities have fixed start and end times. This way you can easily join a 2nd or 3rd activity after an activity.

Can I change the number of children later?

Yes, that is no problem until seven days before the start of the party. After that, possibly more children can participate. The number that is known to us 7 days before the start of the party is what you will be invoiced for. 

Can we organize activities ourselves?

Unfortunately this is not allowed. You can still sit outside or inside. The children are allowed to play outside. However, organizing activities yourself without express permission from UP Events is not allowed.

Is bubble soccer dangerous?

No, bubble football is not dangerous in itself. The children receive a safety briefing in advance. If they stick to that, the risks are limited. If there are special health risks, always report this to us and the supervisor.

How many children can participate?

Bubble football is suitable from 8 children up to 500 children at the same time. So this activity is also ideal for sports days.

How long before the activity do I have to be present?

We recommend that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the activity.

How long does the bubble soccer kids party last?

The bubble soccer kids party consists of 1 hour of bubble football. Around that you can of course still order lemonade or chips and possibly also cake and gifts with us.

Is there a place to do presents?

Yes, we ensure that there is a place to sit and unwrap gifts.

Bubble football for every outing

Bubble football is not only suitable for children’s parties. Of course bubble football is also a great activity for adults. Whether you come with a company or as a private individual. At UP Events we provide the most diverse team building outings in Amsterdam . Think of group outingsstaff outingscompany outingsbachelor parties, team outings, family outings and  department outings. In addition to our activities , we also have various meeting packages . And we organise great corporate parties with you.
Bubble football is one of the many names used. Every event agency from Amsterdam uses a different name. There are many different names used for bubble football. Namely bubble ballzorbballzorb football, bubble football and bubble soccer. In essence, it is all the same activity. Other terms are often used in Dutch language. You can think of bubbelbal, bumperbal, bumperz, bubble soccer and bubble football.