Bubble ball Amsterdam

Bubble ball Amsterdam is one of the best activities you can play in Amsterdam. It does not matter if you want to come as an individuals or with your companies. You will play bubble ball, wrapped in a huge plastic ball. You will have to compete against each other on the footballpitch. Bounce, crash and bump into eachother in these big Zorb balls. Not unimportant, at our beautiful  and green location you can park for free. We have delicious snacks, cold drinks and great BBQ’s.

You can play bubble ball with eight up to fivethousend players at the same time. We have 3 large inflatable footballfields. All have boardings and inflatable goals.

You can book our activities as a singel activity. Or you can choose for one of our packagedeals. Our packagedeals consist of at least one activity. Combined with a snackplatter, drinks and one of our big BBQ’s. See below for the different options.

Bubble ball Amsterdam is powered by UP Events. For the best activities, workshops and team building activities, visit upevents.nl.

Pricing Bubble ball Amsterdam

At our location in Amsterdam

  • Including instructor
  • From 4 players
  • 0,5 hour €16.30 pp (€14.95 pp excl. VAT)
  • 1 hour €25.02 pp (€22.95 pp excl. VAT)

Sample program 1 hour

Meeting (optional)
Lunch (optional)
16:10 – 16:40 Arrival with welcome drink and snacks (optional)
16:40 – 17:40 Bubble ball
17:40 – 20:40 Drinkingpackage and one of out big BBQ’s (optional)

Why UP Events?

  • You will leave happier than you arrived
  • We meet expectations, we prefer to exceed them
  • Value for money
  • We don’t just promise an activity but an experience
  • Every year we offer one new spectacular experience to look forward to
  • Still not happy? we will invite you back
  • We say this, but the reviews don’t lie

Amazing Events with Amazing People

  • More than 15 years of experience in memorable experiences
  • Over 80,000 satisfied customers per year
  • UP Events meets expectations, preferably we exceed them
  • Connect in an inspiring environment
  • Free parking in front of the door, in Amsterdam, really
  • Unique and multifunctional event location on the edge of Amsterdam West
  • Everything under one roof: meetings, team building programs, parties & festivals, delicious food and much more!


Bubble ball combinations with drinks and BBQ

Go to "ADD UP 1"


A fully catered event with activity, 3 drinks per person and big BBQ.

ADD UP 1 Bubble Football Team Building Amsterdam
Go to "ADD UP 2"


A fully catered event with a activity, snack platter, 3 hour drinking package and great BBQ.

ADD UP 2 Team Outing Amsterdam Team Building
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A fully catered event with 2 activities, snack platter, 3 hour unlimited drinks and a great BBQ.

ADD UP 3 Company Outing Amsterdam Team Building
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Amazing day

The king among the packages: 3 activities, lunch, snacks, the whole day unlimited drinks and delicious BBQ.

Arcade games Amsterdam Company party

Arrival at our place

When you want to play bubble ball in Amsterdam, always make a reservation before you come. You can make a reservation online or by phone +31(0)20 463 5850. This gives us the time to schedule sufficiënt staff. Be sure to get to our place at least 15 minutes before the start of the game. When you want to drink a cup of coffee or tea before the game, get to our place at least 30 minutes in advance.

You can sit down both indoors and outdoors. We have the best coffee and tea, ice cold beers and variety of soft drinks.

Bubble ball with a large group

You can book bubble ball at our place for groups of eight to fivethousend players. You can come with your company or with your friends. All our activities can also be booked as a separate activity and as part of a packagedeal. For more information about all possible outings and combinations, see our activities page for the activity (s) of your choice.

What others think of Bubble ball in Amsterdam

Heel leuk voor een bachelor party, zelfs de middag na een nachtje stappen in Amsterdam.
Wir haben dort Bubble Fussball gespielt; war super, das Team ist sehr nett, Sandra hat uns super betreut 🤙
S. M.
S. M.
They see me rollin’… heerlijke activiteit!!!
Samir a
Samir a
Anna Heerenveen
Anna Heerenveen
super leuk voor volwassenen en kinderen. Echt een top ervaring en leuke begeleiding.
Rosalie Kappert
Rosalie Kappert
We had a great time there. Cool people!
Drake x
Drake x
Fabian Bös
Fabian Bös
Leuke uitje voor jong ennoud
Super genoten met de klas en al het leuke personeel

Bubble ball birthday party

Bubble Ball Amsterdam has the best birthday parties. Both for boys and for girls. We offer three birthday party packages. Birthday party HIP consists of 75 minutes of bubble ball. Combined with unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. Birthday party HIP HIP consists of 75 minutes of bubble ball. One other activity of 30 minutes. Combined with unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. We have two activities of 30 minutes. These are laser gaming and archery. The most complete birthday party is HIP HIP HURRAY. This consists of 75 minutes of bubble football. One other activity of 75 minutes. Combined with unlimited lemonade and a bag of chips. If you have any questions about the Bubble Ball birthday party, please contact us.

Our other birthday parties

In addition to the bubble ball birthday party, we also have a number of other birthday parties. These are:

Combine Bubble ball with the best activities

Go to "Lasergamen"


Real life gaming, go to battle but especially: have fun!

Lasergamen bubbel voetbal
Go to "Escape room"

Escape room

Locked in an Escape room, you have 1 hour to escape.

  • 1 hour
  • from 4

from 22,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Escape Room Amsterdam
Go to "City hunt"

City hunt

Outsmart the other teams in this exciting City hunt.

City Hunt Amsterdam
Go to "Archery tag"

Archery tag

Armed with bow and arrow you battle eachtother.

archery tag amsterdam

Bubble Ball in Amsterdam

Bubble ball Amsterdam is located at sports park “The Eendracht” in Amsterdam-West. There is free parking in front of our door. You can take a direct bus from the city center (line 21). You can also take the bus from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station (line 61). You can park the car (s) in the parking lot at the entrance. We have more than enough space for 200 cars. So feel free to bring your entire family or department. The prices mentioned on our website are for playing outdoor. We think playing outdoor is by far the most fun thing to do. When you have hay fever or if you don’t trust the weather, it is also possible to play indoors. For example in the Aritos hall in Amsterdam. Additional costs will be added to our offer.

Bubble ball for every occasion

Bubble ball is suitable for every occasion. Whether you come with a business or as a private group. We provide group activities for the most diverse occasions. Such as group outings, staff outings, company outings, bachelor parties, team outings, family outings and department outings. In addition to our activities, we also have various meeting packages and options for company parties.

Many companies offer bubble ball. They use different names for the same thing. Such as zorbball, zorb football, bubble soccer, bubble football. Also many dutch event companies offer bubble ball. In the Netherlands the names used are bubbel voetbal, bubbelbal, bumperbal, bumperz and bubble voetbal.

Teambuilding Amsterdam

At UP you will find the best team building activities in Amsterdam. UP Events is a full service event agency with it’s own unique event location in Amsterdam West. We have a variety of team building activities and team building workshops . You can book the group outings at our location in Amsterdam or at another location. Think of a creative team building workshop in the center of Amsterdam. 

Events agency Amsterdam

UP Events is a full service event agency in Amsterdam. We are open, pragmatic, approachable and a bit unruly. We always strive for a perfect group outing for our customers. At UP Events we take care of each other and the customer, we enjoy, are a little different, do what is right and we always want to do all this better, every day! We are driven by our passion to make your event a success!