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Bubble Football Amsterdam Stag Party

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Winter games

Crazy winter games that belong in an apres ski tent, are you the best powder boss?

Winter games Amsterdam
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Percussion workshop

Tight blows. Dull thumps. Exciting rhythms. Energetic interaction. Good sounding, always danceable. Makes percussion work.

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Caricature drawing

Make a caricature of your colleagues or friends.

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Beachvolleyball in Amsterdam outdoor on real sand.

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Build a Chain reaction

Perform a simple task in a complex manner. Rube Goldberg machine.

Ketting Reactie teambuidling
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Exclusively available at UP Events. Hack the codes, and win the grand prize!

  • 2 hour
  • from 15

from 29,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

hackathon teambuilding puzzels UP Events
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Bubbel football

Wrapped in a huge plastic ball you are battleing each other.

Bubble Football Birthday Party Amsterdam
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Icesculpting workshop

Create an ice cold artwork and enjoy a delicious mulled wine.

Icesculpting workshop

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Activities & teambuilding

Besides Bubble football in Amsterdam we have many other cool activities. Choose a separate activity or make it easy on yourself and go for one of our packages. Very easy and instantly bookable. A package always includes a activity, drinks and delicious BBQ. You can book directly through our website. If you would like to discuss or need you help, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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